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COVID-19 + Remote Working * O365 = Productivity

As the country resorts to remote working apart from key workers it has shown us that the Cloud really is the place to be! More and more companies are now looking to migrate so their staff can access their companies data safely and securely from not only their work devices but in some instances their personal devices. Office 365 along with InTune allows companies to be safe in the knowledge that they can grant users access to corporate information without compromising its security.

Moving your company data to SharePoint means that you are no longer reliant on the physical server in your office. No more remote access that has issues or even having staff visit the office to grab that important document. With SharePoint you can live working copies in the cloud that are accessible from any device any place any time. With enhanced security features you can be safe in the knowledge that your company data will not be lost or stolen.

With Microsoft Teams Office 365 is now really bringing teams together. Where previously you would have bounce ideas off each other in the office you are now forced to use the persistent chat along with @ mentions to get peoples attention. The ability to post documents and work on them in real time also brings team work together in the Office 2016 suite with functions like comments, track changes and chat. With blurred backgrounds MS Teams is also helping those in more busy house holds block out the distractions behind them.

MS Planner allows you to organise your team and your day with task based project management. These can be shared and assigned to team members also allowing you to see an overview of what tasks are with who. This has fully taken your KAN-BAN board with sticky notes from the wall to your laptop and mobile device!

MS Whiteboard integrated with Microsoft teams again takes that physical aspect that we all love in meetings onto your laptop. Allowing you to save these whiteboards for future use you will never need to take a picture or worry about work being rubbed out ever again.

This is just a small portion of how you can take the physical office into the Cloud and work collaboratively and securely with your colleagues in these times of lock down.

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