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Microsoft Teams - the future?

What Is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration tool that incorporates all of the great productivity tools that Office 365 offers and much much more! With persistent chat, files, notes, plans and meetings Teams is quickly becoming the tool of choice for day to day work and collaboration in businesses. Microsoft Teams has grown rapidly in the 3 years that it has been on the market and has overtaken its direct competitor Slack with 13+ million daily active users!

Persistent Chat

Persistent chat provides your Team and area where they converse and collaborate in real time minimising that wait time on old fashioned email conversations. Chat allows you get people and team attention with the use of @ mention, allowing you to cut through the busy traffic when working in multiple teams. GIFs and stickers bring a more social aspect to Teams and make this tool a fun and engaging place to work - bye bye formal emails!! Need to meet now as a team? Teams has your back with the meet now function allowing you to bring people together in a video call at a touch of a button. All of these functions are driving us towards how we actually work as a team in real time with each other and help to get work and projects moving!


Each team created comes with its own file store (SharePoint document Library) where the team and only the members of the team can work and collaborate in real time. This puts the administration of files and file sharing in the hands of the users minimising ITs need for involvement. With all of the rich functionality you receive in OneDrive/SharePoint allowing you to work directly in documents with your team in real time again helps to minimise that email traffic and get work done! The ability to sync files down to your device also helps users who are happy working the way they used to in their file explorer.

Productivity Tools and Much More

Teams allows you to add all the latest productivity tools to your team again to help your team work collaboratively in real time together. Microsoft Planner, OneNote and a raft of 3rd party tools can be added to teams in the main client!

In the latest Ignite in 2019 Microsoft announced lots of great new features that will really bring the tool the next level!

  • Private channels

  • Windowed mode

  • Tagging

  • Tasks in Teams

  • Live Captioning in Team Meetings

Teams really is the application of choice for business and whats even better? Its free as part of your O365 licencing with desktop, web and mobile applications you are never disconnected from what is going on in your organisations and Teams!

If you would like to learn more about how Teams can benefit your organisation please contact us for a free consultation today!

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