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Why Office 365?

Office 365 brings your whole IT environment to the Cloud. No more ageing servers giving you problems with high maintenance and support costs! Office 365 also allows you to access all of your important company data anywhere any time provided you have an internet connection; whether that be via WiFi or your mobile device. You are truly connected to everything that is happening in your organisation.

With 99.99% up time you can guarantee access to your data without additional service and support costs!

In the old days you were confined to your desk in your office, on your old desktop which was connected to the server in the comms room. Now your data is accessible simply via a website. Mobile devices such as your phone make it even easier to access this data with a host of mobile applications on both IOS and Android with push notifications meaning you do not even have to wait to open your laptop or login at your PC to see what is going on whether that be emails, data or the new productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams!

If you are interested in finding out how you can benefit from these tools then please contact us!

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