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Time to ditch the server?

Is it now time to ditch that old server in your comms room or the corner of your office?

The answer is YES!

Small businesses have regularly relied on "that box" in the office for data, email and sometimes business apps for such as Sage. Usually set up years ago and not touched or ignored in the fear of breaking it. When these do have issues it is normally catastrophic to small businesses with no access to your email, data or business apps and usually requiring them to pay for a technician to come to site to fix this! Call out charges might apply and the technician might not be able to service you right away! Your business has just lost critical time waiting for this old server to be fixed or worst case the hardware needs fully replacing - more down time!

Can you access remotely?

Now we are all working from home and remotely more than ever you now have to rely on complicated VPN set ups or remote access tools to gain access to the company apps or data on that server in he office. Maybe you don't have access at all as this has not been set up in the first place! You waist time gaining access or with your current support provider setting up access and this is reliant on "that box" being reliably on in the office!

There is a power cut, the hardware fails, the cleaner turns it off at the plug - there are so many things that can go wrong with a server and small businesses generally do not have the knowledge, time or money to deal with this, especially if they are not in the office!

The Solution!

Moving your business to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud simplifies the need for server maintenance. Microsoft provides 99.99% up time to its services meaning no downtime for your staff. With full resiliently on their data centres even in the event of a natural disaster you can be confident that your services will continue to run just in a different data centre. With all the hardware hosted by Microsoft you are not responsible for the maintenance and up keep of your server.

Need your staff to work remotely? Not a problem! With full access to company email and data via the browser you no longer have to rely on complicated remote set ups that can easily fail.

Worried about data security? Office 365 provides a whole host of security features built in such as multi factor authentication so you can be confident your users accounts cannot be hacked. Data Loss Prevention that can stop users downloading and extracting data from your environment and much much more.

Get in contact today to talk about how we can help move your business to Microsoft Office 365.

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